Thursday, April 24, 2008

cycles of addiction

Unfortunately, I'm in health for the last quarter of the year, so today we learned about inhalants. The only thing that stuck for me was the term "cycle of addiction," which, although it's about something serious, strikes me as funny whenever I say it or think it. For instance: cycle of addiction!!

Doesn't that make you laugh? No? OK.

I have a confession to make: I've been a bad Jew. I've chewed 2 pieces of gum, eaten 2 Tootsie Rolls, stolen 2 chips from my friends' lunches, and had a piece of cake made by my friend Katy that was absolutely to die for (hate the expression but had to use it, sorry).

I feel so naughty.

Also, there's something else I have to rant about--that's what this blog is for, anyway, ranting. I hate it when other people get me into trouble. My friends have gotten me yelled at by my advisor three times in the past two days, and it's definitely not fun. Also, in French class today, the girl behind me kept kicking my chair, so I kept moving up my desk, until the teacher finally singled us out and scolded us because she "had to talk." I'm sorry, but she's lecturing all class; does it kill her to say something else? And it was the other girl's fault. It just was. If you're reading this, Olivia, I am totally going to get you kicked out tomorrow.

Just you wait. All of you...mwahahahaha...

Just kidding.

Hey, guess what? I got a 16.7 on my 100-meter today at the track meet. It was fun. Some people said I was fast. Also my friend lost her tiny stud earring under the bleachers in a moment of brilliance. Yeah, I do hang out with some smart people.


Thin said...

Okay, I thought I should sort this out with Lulu and whatsit.
I can't trust that you a real to, but I just thought we all were friends who had mutal thoughts on the NO trust factor. I totally understand your worries, gee I have them to! But I would like it if we could be blogging friends again, and everything.

I am sorry for not posting this comment before, But I was a bit mad and I am a bit still because I didn't know what or why this came on, because it was all of a sudden and things.. I am sorry and I accpect your apologie (if you have one)

Anyway, I have a new blog, if you want to go there, that would be cool. and I found a new gadget called a cbox which I thought you would like, plus all the others.. it is on either of my blogs to be checked out.

~an understanding Katie and a completely not trusting person too!

Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

Wow nice post TSM.
You're in that general area, and you (and Katy) are some of the genuises.
Also, I worked very hard on that post.


Thin said...



Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

Wow well at least when you don't laugh when people say "Dooty" like Caroline!! LOL