Tuesday, October 30, 2007

this one's for grandma

Hi, Grandma...if you're out there, here's your squirrel. Sorry about li'l Skippy and his army men. It just struck me as funny. But I'm willing to post this one, too.

To all my other devoted fans, this is my squirrel-lovin' grandma's tribute to her favorite rodent. She feeds them with corn on a special platform outside the front of the house. This is one of the fine critter specimens she takes so much care with clinging to the front door in what could probably be called interpretive dance...hmm...


Anonymous said...

This is one fine rodent! He is probably the Ninjinsky of his day.
Thanks for posting his picture.

Anonymous said...

that is one weird squirrel! i cant belive that ur grandma is squirell obbsessed! mine is too! FREAKY! n e way, kool pic