Thursday, November 1, 2007

being the -est

Wassup my loving fan-peeps?! I just wanted to point out how awesomely funnishly great it is to be the -est. The best, the prettiest, the smartest, the funniest...all that good stuff. Not that I am, but it must be nice for everyone else who is. :) Just a celebration of the nice things today, nothing about the loneliness or unrequited love or problems you see on my moodget.

<3 your faithful tex author


Anonymous said...

Wow zoey i did not know that much about you! i am gonna leave three of four comments or wateve! If you figure out who i am tell me @school!!! You get to play detceive and I am gonna start one of theese things!!!!!!!! They are awesome and i can totally vent !!!!!

Anonymous said...

clue #1 i have trouble admitting my true emotions cuz i have built up a really hard wall that makes me seem strong but i am not!! i have gone through a lot of stuff i am trying to forget or erase or explain. Wait wayyy to much info o well