Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Annoying things they do:

-act like crippled ferrets with ADD when eating in restaurants
-invade your room, which is supposed to be your only refuge
-IM your friends and tell them things about your life
-chew your gum

Slightly more forgivable things they do:

-do you stuff when bribes are offered
-compliment you on your hair
-tell you that the B you are all freaked out about is actually a good quiz grade
-bring you home candy

Do YOU have younger siblings? For example, a 5th-grade sister or a 2nd-grade brother (those are what I have)? Spill it!


Thin said...

Hi again, I didn't see this post.
I have an OLDER sibling, but she is still so irrating!! er, wish I was an only kid.

Anyway my sister used to bite herself on the arm and tell my mother she had done it.
Or we would be doing some naughty together (we were kids remember??!!) and she would get guilty and fess up. (I usually got the most blame.


deeps said...

i have two younger siblings too, and they could be a real pain in the butt. Like pretending to whisper something to each other, looking at me, and laughing. It always drove me nuts!