Sunday, November 25, 2007


I just spent my weekend in Princeton, New Jersey--two nights staying in a city no more than an hour and a half from my home. Sounds odd, I know, and that's not just you; that's because it is.

We arrived at our destination on Friday afternoon, but our room wasn't ready yet because they were still cleaning, so we hung out in the lobby for a while before we were admitted. That night, we ventured into the city for a bite at Tom Yum Goong, a local Thai restaurant. I ordered coconut soup and Thai salad, but don't think for a minute that that means I didn't help myself to chicken satay, vegetable rolls, my sister's "Crazy Noodles," and my dad's...whatever it is that he got. Near the end of the meal, my siblings got bored and walked to a health food store across the street, where my mom allowed them to be alone for no longer than 30 seconds before freaking out that there might be "health food perverts" at the store who wanted to kidnap my brother and sister.

Yes, they are crazy, good observation.

Afterwards, we used the pool and gym, neither of which one under the age of 18 is allowed to enter without adult accompaniment.

Then yesterday, my mom took my brother and sister to the gym and subsequently the pool at 5:15 a.m. Of course, the pool didn't open until 6, so they were in the exercise room for 45 minutes before that. I tell you, crazy people, I live with CRAZY PEOPLE. Do I need any more evidence?

At a more natural time of the morning, we ate breakfast in the hotel -- I only had 2 cups of coffee because I'd had miniature rice cakes and some freaky sort of preserves from the accursed health food store of last night in the room and was not hungry. Then we walked around the freezing streets of Princeton, where I was eventually forced by the temperatures to buy fuzzy socks, which yes, I am wearing now.

We stopped at Hoagie Haven for sustenance. I got a hot pastrami sub. Yay. (Needless to say, I also extensively sampled my mother's cheese fries. Come on, they were so nice and hot! [Hot was my first word--double yay. Sorry, you probably don't want to know that much.])

La la la...boring boring...pool, gym, tennis, Mexican food, TV, whatever...

We left this morning at nine. When I felt how relieved I was to get away from "family time" and go back to my 3rd-floor closet-sized room, I realized just how much I like to be alone. Ahhh.


deeps said...

whew - glad you made it through a whole weekend of family time and are now safely back upstairs. yes, your family is crazy from what I can tell. hope that works out for you somehow. BTW, my favorite part was the walk on the canal trail. Here's some info on it:

Thin said...

that sounds really cool. I would love to visit New York and places like that. My sister would love to LIVE there!! ah, not me! i LOVE tiny old NZ.