Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I am sorry to God for taking His name in vain so much.
I am sorry to my mom for staying in my room all the time.
I am sorry to all the hungry people in the world for throwing away perfectly good food.
I am sorry to my piano teacher for never practicing.
I am sorry to my bat mitzvah tutor for never practicing.

And finally...

I am sorry to all you peeps out there for not posting more, and when I do post, not posting about anything much worthwhile to read.


Thin said...

You don't post any more than me!
Anyway. there is some new stuff on my blog, please checkout.

Thin said...

Uh, I know this doesn't really have anything to do with this post. but I need some help with my mooget/feelings thing. I want to know how you keep it at the top of your page, because my one just goes down the line like a normal post.
If you think you can help please comment on my page. I would really be thankful.

Thanks. Starry

baseballfreak13 said...

hey. i was just loking through your blog and i saw your apoliges list. you should be apoligising to everyone except your hebrew totour. they didn't really do much for you. yes... they hep you with the reading and stuff, but you are the one doing all of the work. well, n e way, i had my bar mitzvah already, and it was totally awesome. the party part only though. the rest was nerve racking.

baseballfreak13 said...

baseballfreak again. i never told you my name. its jamie.