Wednesday, November 21, 2007

the meaning of Thanksgiving

Props to Mom, who gave me this idea, and without whom I would probably be stuck with eternal blogger's block.

Some of my younger friends might say that the meaning of Thanksgiving is to turn Thanksgiving Weekend into a "Thanxgiveaway Wiikend," as Comedy Central says. My siblings, bless their little hearts, may say the point of the holiday is to skim the marshmallows off the sweet potatoes when nobody seems to be looking. Different people might think the turkey's the thing and that the only real issue worth thinking about is where to find the little chef's hats that go on the ends of the turkey's legs. And still others may spew some crap about Christopher Columbus and his "discovery" of the New World (my least favorite legend).

Well, what do I think? Good question, even if you didn't ask it. I say the London Food Company has got it right--along with Crane's Deli and Food Shoppe, manufacturer of the fabulous Plymouth Turkey Sub. The meaning of Thanksgiving is to be thankful for all the different mediums this particular bird's meat can be translated into--pie, sandwich, stew, cold cuts--the possibilities are endless.


Thin said...

Oh! I love commenting on your blog.

we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in NZ, or at least it's not very big.

yo said...

hey hey hey

deeps said...

glad to see you focus on the food - a true ferguson! don't forget the stuffing (one of my favorites), cranberrys, and pies. I'm thankful for the food, and also for all the family peeps, health and happiness