Sunday, November 11, 2007


Good things about New York City:

1. It is New York City.
2. It is New York City.

So, has anyone ever been on a water taxi? I was on one twice before last night. And what was I up to last night, you may ask? Why, partying with my aunt, who makes a living off of her paintings, at her silent art auction in a fabulous water taxi on the Hudson River, of course. I mean, duh.


(Excepting me, of course, but that is a given. But anyway.)

And the presence of [pretty minor] celebrities was also...present, I guess. Have you ever heard of Jim Thirlwell, or his musician alter ego, Foetus? He used to be a big thing in music. However, unlike Cher or other unfortunate washouts like her, he remains cool to this day. Well, being of the worldly status that I am, I was
about 6 inches away from him and his interesting blond mullet. I mean, hello, as my little sister would say, coolness overload. Are there any other seventh graders out there who can say that last night, they were zooming through Manhattan on a privately booked boat with a celebrity who is only famous in the very artsy circles, eating chocolate truffles and other tastylicious food from the Blue Ribbon, run by their aunt's ex??? I think not.

So...I guess that's it, basically. My dad and I got home at about midnight and had Cheerios while my aunt and her art clan went out for celebratory drinks at Noodle Pudding, a New York hotspot.

Love and caramel, li'l texi


Anonymous said...

Hey I L000000000000ve ur blog!! It roxxxxxxxxx lik u!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, I am so glad you had fun- me too!!! The High Point of the evening was that YOU came, my awesome niece.Thanks for helping carry stuff and also just being cool.
yer aunt... jen

deeps said...

hey zeeps - you way rocked. fun was had by all!