Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's hard not to notice...

  • the overabundance of students wearing absurd school uniforms, especially girls
  • the banyan trees hanging thick with moss and palm trees that seem to be everywhere
  • the bizarrely random English words on people's T-shirts, e.g. "Natural Dog" or "Satisfy With Smile Make Happy"
  • all the pretty young girls who dress really well
  • the crazy narrow streets
  • how close to the curb the bus drivers careen
  • how every female is wearing some sort of heels, whether they be a pair of slightly raised ballet flats or six-inch stilettos that seem destined to fall the storm grates
  • that everything is translated into English, or sometimes even written solely in English
  • that people look at their feet a lot when they walk
  • that the American music they play at the mall is basically on ice-rink level (very very bad)

Random Facts

  • There are 9 dialects of Cantonese
  • Cantonese is a tonal language, where a swerve of the voice can make all the difference
  • The number 4 means "very unlucky" and can be said differently to mean "death"
  • 8 is extremely lucky, and gifts are often given in quantities of it
  • In about 20 years, the street market culture will probably be gone (sad)

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Thin said...

Great writing!! Anyways, my bedtime soon.. gotta go!