Saturday, June 14, 2008

OK, Fine, Now It's The Fifteenth

All righty people. I'm going to give you a quick bulletpoint rundown on the past six days.

June 10th

  • hung out around the house while Annie made calls and wrote emails, ate breakfast

  • headed out to Maxim's Palace with Tim, Annie, and Annie's husband (sans Colin and Brian, who were at school)

  • ate some weird food

  • hiked up to the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas, taking photos the entire short walk up

  • took enormous amounts of pictures of the temple and surrounding incredible-ness

  • it started to pour horrendously as we were walking back down, and we got soaked

  • wet t-shirt contest (being the one wearing a thin white shirt, I believe I won)

  • went back home to dry off and hung out until it was time to go to the hotel where we'd be staying for the last five days of our stay in Hong Kong

June 11th

  • got food and ate breakfast in the room, which, I might add, is not too shabby

  • headed to the mall; bought a magazine for Hanna and a mini guidebook with two fold-out maps--one of Central and one of Kowloon--for me

  • went to Hong Kong Park, much against Hanna and Nate's will

  • visited the Conservatory in the Park, which was beautiful and thrilling

  • came back to the hotel, by which time Dad was done working

  • met Dad for lunch

  • saw Indiana Jones

  • went back to the hotel and watched TV and ate until we fell asleep

June 12th

  • got up, breakfast
  • Dad went to work and we hung out in the room for a while
  • consulted my miniature guidebook for directions to the world's longest escalator
  • bickered with Hanna and Nate for a while, who wanted to take a taxi there instead of walk
  • lost the argument
  • took a cab to where the escalator starts near Central Market
  • rode the escalator, which is more like a long uphill moving sidewalk, to Hollywood Road
  • convinced Hanna and Nate to get off at Hollywood Road because I'd heard it was a great place to shop and get lost some
  • walked around Hollywood Road a little and bought souvenirs and a necklace for Hanna
  • took a taxi back to the hotel
June 13th

  • stayed in the hotel room until noon, sleeping and hanging around, before getting up the energy to go out
  • consulted my mini-map again to see where the library was, but ended up going online because evidently there are tons of public libraries in HK
  • took a taxi (I know, I know, we're lazy bums) to Hong Kong Central Library
  • stayed at the library for a while, checking out the Chinese picture books and computers in the 6-floor establishment
  • ate at the library cafe
  • got lost a little in the streets around there--well, we tried. Actually, we ended up going in a complete circle and trying to hail a taxi back home. Taxis are stingy about picking up little kids standing alone in the rain.
  • went back to the hotel upon Nate's request
June 14th

  • got up and had a special breakfast at one of the schmancy hotel restaurants, having a breakfast buffet that would have cost US$50, complete with fruit-topping-topped Greek yogurt and cocoa Rice Krispies (!!!), which I didn't know existed
  • Dad went to work for a couple of hours, during which time we went shopping.
  • first tried to find a graduation dress for Hanna in the mall, which didn't work out
  • then went to street market only a New York block or so from the hotel and got a purse that a neighbor had requested we get her
  • met up with Dad back in the hotel room and went out to the Wan Chai computer market
  • went to the HK museum of art
  • went to Cafe de Coral
  • went home

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