Monday, March 17, 2008

murder on the orient express

I'm hungry. Hopefully the carton of strawberries I'm working on eating will suffice.

My sister's dress rehearsal for her play, my mother's adapted version of Murder on the Orient Express, went interestingly today at her school. I sat behind the 8-by-8-foot sheet, stapled to a wooden frame, projecting this image onto the sheet throughout a production that was slightly over an hour long. Around me were four fifth-grade boys, walking back and forth in front of the projector, irking me to no end. Everyone kept forgetting their lines and speaking in mouse tones, but all in all, it was pretty funny, what with all the stuff they improvised.

Hey, if I get a chance, do you think I should try to go for middle school president?


Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

O god. This is one beautiful sunset.


Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

ZOE F******** (not saying ur last name!!!)

heehee im hyper!!!!

And trust me, I'm not guess who. You actually know them.....

But anyways, ily!!!!! And good luck with ur sisters play lololol


PS!! I'm taking tons of pics 4 u to c when i get back!!!
I miss you!!!!!
I'm watching the sunset as im typing this (i know its late for u-- The Cayman's don't do daylight savings......

Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

I'm having a blast 4 u!


(miss u!)

LuLu DaRk 14 said...

zoey stop saying my name in ur comments STOP ITS HARD BCUZ I DONT WANT PEOPLE 2 NO MY NAME!!!!!!!!

ALSO HOW DO U MAKE IT SO U DONT HAVE 2 do that think where u copy down the funky letters in order 2 comment

Thin said...


i don't know if you should run for presisdent, I mean you might be addicted to P or something, seeing as i have never meet you!!

but you go girl!!

~rainbow socked ninja

ps. go to my bookcase blog. I have Prince Caspian review up.

Thin said...

just starting autum here, feels like winter!1

Thin said...

'P' is just a drug on its own, nothing related at all to Pot or anything. And when people are a ddicted to P, trust me, they are crazy.

Why not google 'P drug wiki' I find wiki always helps me understand something.

Plus, what book should I review next??

Thin said...

hey! you are on the computer at the same time as me. sweet!!
I have to get off soon, we are taking Anna to school for her last day.. then.. the easter hoildays.

you got it. YUM>