Thursday, March 27, 2008

taking advantage

Sorry, but I had to take advantage of the five minutes I have and the fact that I've posted very little this month.

I know I told you I was charmed by White Noise by Don DeLillo, but I've found a new love. It's not just the son's addiction to crystal meth, not just the father's addiction to his son's addiction: Beautiful Boy by David Sheff is an addiction in itself. And I don't say that lightly; I haven't read a book this enchanting in a long time. All the other ones I've read lately have just been forced upon myself.

My mom started reading it before me. She's on page 81. I've got about that many pages left to read. THANK YOU SO MUCH, MOM!! I LOVE THIS BOOK LIKE MY OWN SISTER.

Oh yeah, and I just saw The Nanny Diaries--cute, but the ending's so unrealistic.


tzf said...

Hey Zeeps -
I wish I could write as well as you do. You're great. I hope I can get my hands on that book at some point. Sounds good.

Thin said...

Um, nice makeover on your blog.

who is that in the banner aye!?

I have no idea what type of kitten I will get, probably one from the pound or sometthing.
I would like an oriental cat though, they are really cool!!

byez now!

ps, who is tzf?!

I am normal commenting now.

Thin said...

Thanxs so much for your lovely comment, I do not really give lessons!! I am not that good.
My real talent is Art.. I give lessons to a girl at my karate club on the odd occasion, but I don't charge or anything cuz for starters, I am only 12, and for seconders, she is my senei's daughter and that would be really weird charging!!


Thin said...

dang girl.. where are your posts?!