Saturday, March 15, 2008

sick on break

Hello literate beings of the world:

I'm sick and miserable, with my stomach killing me, as well as my throat and ears. I have a relentless cough, and even when I clear my throat, the congestion comes back immediately.

Anyway though...I truly do apologize for not posting for a week; this time it wasn't of my own accord. I had a punishment that stated I wasn't allowed on the computer because I've been so mean to my brother lately. I'll try to be more consistent.

Is anyone else on spring break? Tell me about it--unless you're one of those people who are actually going somewhere on vacation, like everyone else I know.

By the way, it's been a great week for my mom. She got a promotion and a brand-new, bright red, shiny set of laundry machine and dryer! (YES)


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha i no hu u r

LuLu DaRk 14 said...

FINALLY THANK U! GOD 4BID U WERE 1 DAY AWAY FROM BEING BOOTED FROM THE BOOK MARK LIST. any way im on break and im going 2 vermont 2 ski on the 22nd and my braces countdown 1 DAY!!! but umm i have 2 tell u this after i talk 2 meg!

~luv ya <3<3<3 luluday14!