Sunday, December 23, 2007

a post about posters...HAHA get it?

I was just thinking about the decoration of my room. The things on my wall are kind of bizarre. I've got a poster up for a lecture by Louise Leakey that I attended in April at the girls' school I used to go to, and for a talk by Sylvia Earle that I went to a year before that, sponsored by the same girls' school's Speakers Series program. Then I have a copy of the Declaration of Independence from an old New York Times and a framed drawing of Happy Bunny signed by Jim Benton from a book signing of his that I went to last year. Rounding out this weird collection, I have a mirror, a calendar where each month is a different black-and-white of Manhattan, and a painting I got last year from the Dumbo Arts Festival, which I go to every year because my aunt is an artist who lives and works in Dumbo.

There really isn't much room on the walls for anything else, save for the bulletin board I've got leaned against the wall on top of my dresser and the bookshelf standing next to my closet door, which takes up only about 6 square feet.

What quirky--or not quirky--stuff do you have plastered on your bedroom walls? (Jeez, this sounds like a prompt you get from school or something...)

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six mix a lot said...

i think i need to have more things on my walls. i want to have those stars and planets that glow in the dark up on my walls.