Monday, December 31, 2007


Words can be used for so many things--but mostly talking, communicating. Words are a means of communication from one person to the next.

So who, exactly, am I supposed to talk to? My sister passes me off as a loser, and my brother only wants me to get off the Wii (which I haven't used in a YEAR and have a right to touch for a second) so he and his friend who comes over every single day can play with it. My mom and dad are good conversational people, but they're my parents, they're 30 years older than I am, and my peers...well, my peers are mostly all swamped in popular culture -- think Hannah Montana, Chris Brown, and the likes. I don't blame them for it; it's just a way to conform. They conform through pop culture, I conform through shoes, we're even. But still.

Maybe I should get a parrot. Yeah. Parrots agree with everything you say, PLUS they've got feathers.


Excuse me while I get a parrot.


Thin said...

HI! i am allowed back on the computer!!

I had no idea who that was on my blog... I go like the name.. the smart one better.

Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

I'm in LA!
Good for you :)

the images are still hurting :'(

Oh well........

I LOVE YOUR PICTURES! OMG EVERY ONE IN LA (aka carrie, lee, ella(SOON!), jack, megan, karen, warren)
LOVES THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thin said...

I have a sony cybershot h-7.
and that is how I get my pics sharp.

deeps said...

parrots are good. you can also get computer programs that will "chat" with you, and probably never date to disagree.

Thin said...

Please put my new blog Silver Ink on your friends wwith blogs list.

Thin said...

you have to check out my blog now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!