Tuesday, January 1, 2008

new year's

You're reading my blog! And for being such a good person, you deserve some cheery holiday wishes. So happy 2008!

Well, there's my energy burst for the day. Two exclamation points. What more do you want from me, really?

I got my ears pierced today, but the back of my left earring has already managed to fall off--entirely the fault of the rather chubby woman who did the piercing. But I've got a pencil eraser holding its place until tomorrow, when I can get a new one, so I'm not worried.

I bought my bat mitzvah dresses, too. That's right, dresses, plural. According to my mother, who has unpierced ears and is thus rendered completely unhelpful when it comes to those kinds of things, I have to have three different dresses for three different occasions: my Friday night service, my actual bat mitzvah on Saturday--WOOT WOOT--and the breakfast we're hosting on Sunday for my family. So yeah, little as I like wearing fancy clothing, I now have three new formal dresses, and so do my mom and sister. The abominable amount we spent is none of your business.

But I guess it'll be worth it when I'm standing there in front of everyone, and despite everybody else's efforts to look nice, I'm the coolest one there. Yay.


Thin said...

go here to get a template.. they are not all sports..
They are for Myspace to.

Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

Yes!!!! I know!
Aunty Megan (again!)
and I call Eloise Weezey Bear!
hehe its soooo cute!

I agree too.
They are just gonna be there and we BOTH should get over them, and stop talking about them. It's like wet cement with gum in it. It's there and it's gross.
Hey! I like that way of putting it! YAY me!

NP about the picures!
Ohhh yeah, and if ppl ask u about why i'm never on IM, tell them that the stoopid internet is mucho expensive and to check my bloggerhea plz!

Thanks so much :D


Thin said...

Hey! are you gonna change your template? I really like how you got it but there are some cool ones.

Thin said...

oh welll... I didn't have any widgets to lose you see.

Thin said...

what is bat mizah? I am I dumb not to know this?

Thin said...

Yep.. You and me are clones... We want exactly the samething in the world.