Monday, January 28, 2008

try this one out for suckiness

You may think your life sucks. But oh, my friend, you haven't even begun to know the meaning of the word "suck" until you've heard the story of my day.

I started off the day with a finger-sized sesame seed bar for breakfast, and an hour or so later, I was sitting through a French class the likes of which no one has ever seen. The mispronunciation was profound. I found myself wincing at my classmates the whole time...and the funniest/worst parts of it are that they are the ones everyone thinks are so great, and the teacher refused to call on me. Then came recess, at which point my entire torso began to hurt. My ribs, sides, back, head, back of neck, and especially stomach. The stomach is pretty much the worst.

All throughout English, social studies, music, and lunch, I was completely consumed by the dagger-like dynamic of the whole thing. Finally, at lunch recess, I couldn't take it anymore and went to the nurse, who only amplified it by practically crushing my arms, taking my blood pressure more than four times. At last my mom came to take me home. I'm missing help homeroom and science...not such a loss, really, but I was going to get a couple of grades back in science, so that's sort of annoying.

But when we got home, we were locked out because my little sister (who walks around the corner to her public school) had the key. So I had to wait in the freezing cold, overtaken by pain, for twenty minutes, waiting for my mom to retrieve the key from my sister. My sister was probably in class and deeply embarrassed by this, which happened also with my dad earlier this week. Twice in the past few days, she's had a parent come sheepishly into her classroom, asking for the house key.

Still it doesn't let up, after a hearty dose of Tylenol and Tums, upon whom I have, until now, completely relied on to cure me of any pain I may be experiencing.



Ink said...

HI! I am not allowed back on yet.., just to let you know.

I am sneaking..... I won't be on for ages... sniff.. sniff.

Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

Aww Zoe!
I'm sorry!
IK French is soooo annoying like that!!!!!!!!
The nurse is evil, but Mrs.Foster slapped me.
YEP you heard me,
Gr i hate her sooo much and she hates us because she told us that.
You havent missed much, but i've missed you!
Well, my mom will kill me if she sees me NOT ON MOODLE OMG! sooooo ttyl, lylas, and FEEL BETTER!!!!!


GeekGoddess said...

Hello - you've got a great blog. How old are you?

You know, when I was at school, I used to have days like the one you described and they really took the steam out of me. Then I left school and started working and now I wish I had those kinds of days again...

Hope you're feeling much better (about everything). :)