Friday, January 11, 2008


Basically, I hate lateness.

I don't mean to say I'm exempt from this. Often, I'm late for school, Hebrew tutoring, and other stuff, to use an overused word. But I'm never happy about people and/or things being late.

Also, I'm a competitive and pretty overanxious (hemhemfrenchcough) person, so when teachers take an eternity and a half to grade a paper or test, I get furious. I mean, I'd never fume at my teacher or ask them for a grade that I know they don't have. And I don't usually get mad at instructors when they have a genuinely good reason for taking an excessively long time to hand something back. But now I am.

It's taken a really really REALLY long time for my teacher to give me grades on three separate projects. This teacher--I won't specify--has the best reasons possible not to have these assignments graded yet for me. However, many other students, a lot even in my class, have gotten these back already.

I don't mean to single out people. This scenario has played out in just about all of my classes.

Blame it on genetics: my dad can't stand it either.

love and impatience

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hottjulie14 said...

hey! i love your blog and im sry that you are sick. o, and about the latness thing, I HATE BEING LATE TOO! well, can you leave me messages back on this? my name is julie and i am 14.