Saturday, January 26, 2008

this is my second post called NYC but I figure you won't mind

Quick summary:

Yesterday, I went on a triple-decker train (see far left). Also, I passed a rather scary store exclusively for dog couture, which I think is called Harness Dog but cannot find anywhere online. But the main plan for the day was meeting my grandparents at the Carnegie Deli for lunch. We call the girl in the beige "cousin Hannah" and the man on the right "cousin Howie." It was very cold, so I got a new hat. We stopped at AE for impulsive shopping for things we don't need, too (not pictured). I'll tell more later, when I get back from swimming at the JCC, some exercise I am in need of.

Until next time, net browsers.


Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

OMG ikr????
Today i gave Caroline's little sister my bed, clothes, toys, and bedside table.
I'll post about it, promise.
Soooo yeah!
I bet NYC was fun fun fun fun!!!!



Leah said...

Howdy, Z.

God, your grandparents are so cute.


Amanda said...

i really like when you post pictures!

polkadottie123 said...

you cant put pictures of them on your blog. mom will KILL you!