Sunday, January 6, 2008

bac 2 skool

<--not me

I'm actually--*gasp*--really really excited to go back to school. I think this is because after going to camp for a month this past summer, my siblings became completely devoid of their manners and boundaries, so they now have totally disgusting sense of humor. This, I believe, is why I feel a real need to get away from them and into a place with much more regulation and scheduled classes where people have to be quiet, or aren't allowed to make vulgar jokes, anyway.

I'm ready to see my friends, many of whom I haven't seen for two weeks and some of whom I haven't seen for one week, and the grades I got on my science and social studies projects. Also, I know this is early, but while I'm talking about school (which I won't do very often on my blog after this), I've decided to do softball with my school as a sport this spring.



Thin said...

Come on! You'er smart! why not write a sqenuce (I love spell check) for me with cody in it.
it is writen from her point of view so its like.. I kicked the ball high in the air.

I eat toast with honey if we have it in our pantry for breakfast. if I don't have any toast on hand, maybe some yogurt with strawberries.
for lunch I eat things like a tin of salmon (i would prefer tuna but mum doesn't like me to eat bad stuff and there is some kind of chemical in tuna)(I don't like to eat bad stuff either.)
I have maybe a tomato with it and some lettuce leaves. or I have a really big sandwich with tomatos, lettuce, carrots, dressing, ect, ect. I would like to have cheese with it but we are also not allowed to eat that and besides. Cheese makes you fat!
then we eat fruit throughout the rest of the day if we are hungrey. we may have chips and get a dvd if we are not busy. (and that is a treat) and for dinner:
potoates, salad, maybe sauages for me and Anna. we also have things like pasta or a lausange(treatie)
and afterwards we are allowed fruit or maybe, maybe, hot chocalte.

My mum wanted to go on a raw diet which means she wouldn't eat cooked food but it made her sore.

anyway. bye from lollies at all.!!!

Thin said...

Sorry for that horribley long comment. I could resist letting you know how easy you have it.


The Smart One said...

Sorry everyone, this used to be about food...I changed it to this :P

Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

Arghhhhh nooooooo!!!!

Cutness, right?
I love her SO much!

I can't help being depressed. I just am.
There are many reasons too.

Oh well!
See ya tomorrow!


alice said...

i like ur blog n the way u write it keep it up ! =D

Someone who is completely lost when it comes to their socail standards said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DOnt do softball do lacrosse!!1