Tuesday, January 22, 2008

this is so not cool anymore

OK. Can someone please tell me what's going on with this whole cold thing? I mean, I know I should be grateful that in this age of global warming we can still have threatening temperatures. But it is too cold for comfort. My friend Katy may think she is able to go without a coat, but I tried the same thing in 4th grade and got serious pneumonia for my stupidity. Trust me, looking cool is definitely not worth partial lung collapse or the amount of fever dreams I went through.

My friend Alexa, at lunch, she's wearing this skirt that she says her mom hemmed too dramatically, which is fine--everyone does it--but she hasn't got a coat. She's got leg warmers and a scarf. I mean, that's just asking for trouble.

My family, I love them and I ADORE my room, but you know, WHY IS IT SO FREAKIN COLD UP HERE?

Well, I know my issues with the weather. Whaddaya think of the sudden cold front?


Anonymous said...

Hey Zoe!!!
OMG ikr???
Its ssssoooooooo cccooolllddd bbrrrrrr
Today too!
and all of my leggings/flannel pants are weird with school clothes..... ugh
Well, skool is calling, bi


Someone who is completely lost when it comes to their socail standards said...

heyy guess what!! I am giving up on my coatless thing!!!!!


The Smart One said...

really katy? yay!!!