Wednesday, January 30, 2008

make-up work


Sorry for the desperate, inhuman cry, but I have so much make-up work to do before resurfacing at school tomorrow...

And apparently, there are a million things I've missed. There's a French quiz today, French test tomorrow, Algebra midterm today, English test today, and possibly some sort of Science assessment on Friday. We drop Science tomorrow for Shakespeare, too, which means I am not going to have Science class all week until Friday, as I left right before Science on Monday because that was when I started to get sick. I looked at the online resource, and it looks like my class has started a DNA and genetics unit, which is going to take more than a little work to catch up on, especially as there appears to be some in-class project going on--with partners.

More than anything else, I hate partner and group work. It KILLS me to have to work with other people because I'm so neurotic that I have to have power and control over every itty-bitty little thing, and when I don't, I freak. No one understands this.

Wow, what a week to be absent.

Respond please...

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Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

OMG Zoe u have missed SO much!
AANNDDD we also have a HUGE-O French test on friday that is like, 90% of our grade (plz don't freak sry)
In science, we have partners, and we are "breeding" Larkeys. Or is it Larkies? IDK they're fake, and Katy and I are partners :)
We have the most CONFUSING and DISGUSTING unit in sci. Yes, it is on genetics, and it is also about *AHEM* the birds and the bees.....
So0o0o0o0o0o0 I"m on IM
Ask more if u want :P