Tuesday, January 15, 2008


This is a slightly weird question but I'm curious...

Does everyone take showers as long as mine? I usually take about 25 minutes. If I could spend longer, I would, but at the 25-minute mark the hot water runs out. I've heard a couple friends say they take 40- or 50-minutes showers, and I envy them deeply for their water heaters' capacity.

Or are you one of those annoyingly good people who only showers for 5 minutes?


Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

I take 25 minute showers... I think!
My ENTIRE family takes like, 2 second showers, and they are all annoyed with me.
Jack takes (literally) 1 minute showers.
I timed him.
Crazy right?
Anyways, I'm on IM right now, but it's 11:55 AM on wednesday!!!!!
I miss u :'(


Kai said...

hey Zoe i take 40 min showers yes envy me lol

Someone who is completely lost when it comes to their socail standards said...

I take like 15 minute showers and my dad doesnt understand how i do it and he takes half hour showers