Thursday, January 10, 2008

artist's block

I'm having a hard time drawing lately. Nothing good is coming along to be drawn--no extraordinarily beautiful people, no awesome birds because they all went extinct along with the dinosaurs, and no funky trees because I live in suburban New Jersey in the middle of a miserably mild winter (which is very depressing because not only does it show how bad global warming is, but we don't have any cool trees for all our stupid hot weather).

Does anyone have an idea?

With all sincerity,
me, myself and I (and a whole bunch of my split personalities...JUST KIDDING)


Anonymous said...

I think you should draw what you see around you. I'm thinking of the great artists who drew things that weren't considered "beautiful"--think
Rembrant's old/ugly/weird people, or
landscape paintings during the industrial revolution that showed "ugly" smokestacks, factories, etc in the background. I'm thinking "write what you know" and maybe "draw what you see." Your drawings are really excellent--keep it up and don't wait around for something beautiful and "worthy" of drawing to come along, or you might be waiting forever!

The Smart One said...


Whoever you are -- I wish I knew -- you're right. I mean, I know the world is an ugly and saddening place and increasingly becoming more so, so why didn't I just draw them?

Thanks! Sometimes the truth is right in front of you, but you need someone else to point it out in order to act on it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry--I should have signed my comment! Can't wait to see any new work you post!


Someone who is completely lost when it comes to their socail standards said...

Try watching a tv show and wat evr word pops out at you draw it how it feels when you say it wat image comes to your mind and you think about and wat situation you would use it in!:)