Friday, December 7, 2007


The other day, I was sitting outside at recess at a table. I was trying to read Jane Eyre, but the water bottle I used to hold it down kept rearing up and rolling away. I was very annoyed, not only because I now had to actually hold the freezing cold bottle in my hand, but also because I couldn't read anymore since the pages were flapping around like there was no tomorrow. So I ended up just stuck standing there in the wind. It was one of those times where it's just like, "Oh, come on, can't something go right just once?" Little, but infuriating. Ever have those moments?


Thin said...

All the time space clone! Infact, that happens to me alot, but my book was my family and other ainmals. (get it??)

anyway its a real life story and ever so funny.

baseballfreak13 said...

hey again. sorry i coment so much. i am bored a lot, and when i am, i rite on your blog. it seems cool tha i am posting this now, and that you will be reading it in two minutes. well...i g2g. my friend jason is online.

Jamsta95 said...

oh suck it up!...That the wind should interrupt your reading.Air these days...just doesnt know its boundaries