Friday, February 22, 2008


The deer! They escaped from the crazed hunters in the South Mountain Reservation! Well, three of them did, at least. I'm so happy. My mom is too. I pointed them out to her from our landing window. They did look pretty huge to me from there, although they do appear admittedly small here. I fixed the photo, though, so that it's brighter and better quality, and you can see them better. This is all in my backyard (and my neighbors behind the fence and to the far left). Doesn't it resemble a wonderland?

Their new names are Sleepy, Dopey, and Grumpy, after my three favorite dwarves. Not counting Kai.


ink said...

Cool! youu are so lucky.. going to use the artcile on my blog.. Girls Rule

polkadottie123 said...

you cant say south mountain reservation you idiot! do you want people to track you down? you sure gave enough information for them to! :(

Amanda said...

okay, i have a question. do you go back and read all these comments, or is the past in the past? if i write this now, days after you posted, will you ever hear my plaintive peep? also, is there spell check? i fear misspelling, and can't have your old aunt living in fear.