Monday, February 11, 2008

hebrew stuffings (no sausage allowed)


Contrary to popular opinion, one really can get what one wants through incessant whining and complaining.

For example, I've missed the past two sessions of Sunday Hebrew school purely of my own accord. The first time, I coaxed my mother into letting me stay home because the day before that had been Groundhog Day--February 2nd--and my argument was that it was a "holiday weekend" and we should "celebrate," and that in addition I was "tired" because of the party I'd gone to the night before. Seriously, I'm good. Then yesterday, my mom let me miss it because she said she'd rather just not wake me up and not have to listen to all my lamenting. She let me stay home and sleep. How cool is that?

Of course, I don't go to the night sessions on Wednesdays because first of all they are completely pointless and I usually end up getting bullied, and second of all because they start at 7:30, but my sister's play rehearsal starts at 7 on Wednesday nights. Convenient, nu?

Now I'm going to miss this Sunday too because Hebrew school is actually canceled on account of President's Day. (Four-day weekend too...whoopee.)

By the way, my aliyah is so long that even the tutor couldn't get all the way through it. And I've got one and a half weeks to learn it.

At least I'm doing OK with my Torah portion.


Thin said...


How are you? I haven't been conversing much with you lately. What is an aliyah? (probably a dumb qestion!)

whats your favourite of my blogs? Photo Blog. Haven or Mage?
Anyway. I am quite busy. I am doing lots of school work and now I will be going to karate 4 days a week now (instead of two) because Anna is doing karate on a monday, I am tuesday and thrusday and we both will be going on a saturday which is simply all kata.

I even had a oppurianty (sorry about spelling) to do a kumite class on wesnday but mum said no because I have swimming plus she doesn't want to be spending ALL her time at the dojo! I am hoping I can start biking to karate when we move into town to lift some of the weight of her shoulders. I defiantly have to become more road aware tho! I can't imiange New York, my uncle says there is consant traffick jams and it is just really busy! I live in a small town/slash city!
(MY uncle lives in Long Island.. Would that be correct?)

Anway! ta de da!


sorry about saying you were touchy!

Thin said...

And sorry about that gruesomely long comment!!


Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

OO yeah I'm in DC and was just IMing uuuuu

Yeah soo thats all


Amanda said...

hmmm... i think that you'll find that whining has the exact opposite effect on most people from what you describe. speaking for myself, if a feller were nice to me and rational, i'd be much more likely to oblige. the minute i hear whining, i shut down with a big fat NO... nothing is more obnoxious and tiresome than whining. oh please don't be a whiner. but if it does work... i'm gonna whine to you next time, and see if it works...ha ha ha...