Monday, February 4, 2008


I could really go for an apple pie right now. Fresh, hot, crisp, juicy. Know any good recipes?

I made the most stunningly cool drawings for my French homework; this class and teacher are going to worship me. I can see it now--a roomful of seventh- and eighth-graders bowing down to me, the Goddess of Art and All Things Beautiful and Brilliant, as if I am some kind of Allah or something. Plus, of course, the round little teacher left speechless.

Just kidding, I'm not really that egotistical. Only about French. Believe me, I've suffered a blow since getting back my Algebra midterm and discovering I may have a stalker or two.

love me do*

P.S. what do you think of the fact that this has been the first December in 130 years that NYC hasn't gotten any snow?? I think it's pretty insane.

*that's a bad Beatles pun right there if you get it...if you don't please just ignore my quirks


My Deputy Dog said...

It's funny how you meet people. I was In Austin 20 years ago. I am now back up north. Loved Austin but Houston was too hot for me.

Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

But I forgot it, but it is so easy to make, It takes 20 MINS! (without the baking part but w.e.)
I'll email it to you sometime once i get it from my mom!