Saturday, February 23, 2008

our domain

Aha, they've finally printed it: girls are more technology-savvy than boys. Especially in the blogging department, where the numbers are very feel-good towards me and other teenage girls.

The only area in which male use surpasses female is that of video posting, and that's not because women lack the technological talent, but because video posting is more about impressing others than expressing oneself. Teehee.

Check out the Times article:

Sorry, Boys, This Is Our Domain - New York Times

To all my female blogging friends, blog on!
And thanks once more to Dad for showing me this article.


Thin said...

why are you sad?

Thin said...

UM I mean sick.. ??

Maybe it is all the coffee. do you know that it is really bad ofr you. Excesially de cafe. That make it defafe with petrol.

Thin said... look at it.. my new blog

The Smart One said...

Really excited to hear that girls rule the blogosphere. Mathematically, if every day ten more people exist online in a more significant way than offline, girls are ruling ten more people a day, eventually running the world, making whether or not we have a female president not as important as who dominates blogworld.

Amanda said...

who's modest little name is "the smart one"? this was an interesting article. thanks for sharing it. xo yr aunt mandy.

Thin said...

I Am right about the coffee. My mum used to drink a whole lot but she had a racing heart so she stopped and now it is all better. That is really worring that you are always sick. Have you gone to a dietrist or homeopath? you should.
Last year I had chronic fatigue, and now I have beat the label. Homeopathy really helped.

Thin said...

take the hint

Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

Oh cool!
I love it!


Thin said...

new posts

Thin said...

hey!!! I have no neighbours.. I live in the country.. I only know one of our neighbours!