Friday, February 1, 2008

it's finally february...

...and I have a restaurant to crush.

Usually, St. James Gate is a perfectly respectable place to dine--they have good food and a much better ambiance since smoking in New Jersey's public places was outlawed. But I just don't know what happened tonight at this Irish pub. Maybe it was just the waitress.

When I finally got my coffee--unfortunately my first caffeine of the day--after roughly 15 minutes of waiting impatiently, the milk that came with it, not to mention the coffee itself, was almost impossible to make out. There was close to none in that little tin pitcher thing they bring. I mean, what is it, the Depression again? Time for ration tickets and "organizing" more food by way of trading your gold watch? I can't get an effing decent cup of joe because it might deprive the soldiers or something? That's just a disappointment. (By the way, I'm still feeling sluggish; that pathetic excuse for a cup of coffee was not only cold, but severely lacking in jolt).

At last the waitress deigned to come by again, once the large party of young and annoyingly boisterous table of people next to us who had come fifteen minutes after us and gotten served already. We immediately ordered. Luckily, after 25 more painful minutes of waiting, my potatoes and vegetables came, along with my mom's wings. During that waiting period, I had taken my sister and her two rather giddy, gossipy friends--who came with us and are sleeping over tonight, ugh--to a store up the street, No. 165, to pick out what they wanted to buy after dinner.

The food was good--my tongue is still scorched from that unfortunately too-hot bite of mashed potatoes--but the waitress never did bring my potato leek soup, water, or the burger my mom ordered exclusively to be brought out sooner so it could be taken home for my little brother. But at least we weren't charged for those.

Finally we escaped to shop at No. 165 (no website and thus no link, sorry). I needed something for my friend's party tomorrow and ended up getting boots anyway, so it was a good deal. Never have I been happier to get out of an eatery in my life.


Thin said...


Thin said...

Hey to your comment on Photo blog.

No, I am HOMESCHOOLED remeber? (I love spellcheck by the way)...
This is my sister, Anna, on her first day of school at --- (Not gonna put were we live am I? )Christian School.

Double yuck uinform!

Thin said...

Seen my new main blog ?

Thin said...

my uniform is, jajays shirt. usaually something saying something snarky. jeans or shorts. lots a bangles. glasses.

or even my pjs.