Saturday, February 16, 2008


Hello losers, winners, and those of you in 2nd place...and apparently, thanks to Megan at , hello to President Bush and his FBI. (Shout-out to Mike at the White House.)

Sorry I haven't posted for almost a week; there just hasn't been too much going on. But a great artist, especially a great writer, can make something out of nothing.

This week turned my crew for the school play into something dismal. What used to be a seemingly vital job--props for Macbeth--has become basketball with the gym teacher. "If you want to join the guys," he says, and play basketball for an hour, the other two girls in Props and Painting and I are welcome to do so. Otherwise, we can just sit there and watch the kids who are actually in the play rehearse. It's only kind of amusing, because the director guy yells so FRICKIN loud whenever he gets a touch angry about something, and then everyone is completely stiff.

It's embarrassing.


Someone who is completely lost when it comes to their socail standards said...

I know christain goes crazy over a little thingy. if you get him that smallest milisecond angry he sceams sooo loud that everyon get scared

Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

YOU BLOCKED ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Weezer's Biggest Fan said...

haahaahaa ILY


Thin said...


Freaky about that dream. I hardly ever dream, let alone something like that!