Saturday, February 9, 2008

what a pain

Because this is going to be a rambling and self-centered post, posing my question first is probably the best idea, as you won't want to read what the post is about, so: what allergies do you have?

And now on to the post.

I have the most annoying allergies. I'm lactose intolerant, plus I break out in horrible hives all over my body if I have any kind of ibuprofen, so I can't ever take Advil or Motrin. This sucks even more than it normally would because as my dad has recently been discovered to have liver problems, my mom won't really let me take Tylenol. Also, using a lot of conditioner--which is actually good for my hair and is the only thing stopping the terrible frizz I usually have--gives me weird red bumps on my scalp, and wearing jewelry that's not gold gives me the same thing on my back or wrist, depending what jewelry I'm wearing. Rings are the worst (don't need to explain), but I figure I can avoid any earring problems by only wearing gold ones, which is pretty damn inconvenient because good gold earrings are about 40 bucks a pair. Ugh.


Thin said...

I am Gluten/wheat/berrie/spelt/rye/oat/barley/ intorlent along with a with other things.

Thin said...

uh? why thanking me??

Thin said...



Meg(an!) said...

I <33333333 ur new heading thingey that says "my little corner of the world" and the other stuffs but i know what they are i just don't feel like saying it because im commenting from Katy N's computer and it keeps on spazzing!!!!! ne ways i g2g reherse now Bi LYLAS!